Officer Ian Nelson can’t figure Kirsten out. She’s young and attractive, but doesn’t belong where she is. He isn’t certain where she belongs. Several days later, he’s tasked with enforcing the order against her, but never has the opportunity. She’s gone. She vanished without shoes or purse. No one saw her leave the apartment, which was secured from the inside. The painting she worked on was still fresh, but she was gone. Six months pass and Nelson is the only person to take any interest in her disappearance. There still isn’t any leads or witnesses. As he gets closer to […]

The Painter’s Requiem

Nathaniel Mayfield doesn’t expect anything more than a routine business trip. When he attempts to cross the notorious “Sam’s Gap,” mountain pass, things take a turn for the terrifying. The bizarre storm appeared from nowhere, just like the road he seeks shelter upon. He embarks on a journey that leaves him stranded in the outer realm of an endless night, where past and present collide, and there’s no promise he can ever return. Based on a true story.           Book Details: Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: August 25, 2016 Language: English ISBN-10: 1535555270 ISBN-13: 978-1535555272 Product Dimensions: 5 […]

Stormy Weather