Clarissa remembers what happened, but the doctor says her mind can’t be trusted. She doesn’t believe the wreck happened. The physician says they aren’t really memories, just hallucinations. She knows there is more to that night than what they’re telling her. She wakes in the remote hospital after two months in a physician-induced fugue. The eccentric staff won’t talk to her about the accident. Everyone repeats the same generic story about the night her fiancée died. She must adapt to the bizarre practices within the Bittersend Medical Clinic, and the repercussions of her prolonged absence from life, to piece together […]

The Moon Sees Me

Nathaniel Mayfield doesn’t expect anything more than a routine business trip. When he attempts to cross the notorious “Sam’s Gap,” mountain pass, things take a turn for the terrifying. The bizarre storm appeared from nowhere, just like the road he seeks shelter upon. He embarks on a journey that leaves him stranded in the outer realm of an endless night, where past and present collide, and there’s no promise he can ever return. Based on a true story.           Book Details: Paperback: 96 pages Publisher: August 25, 2016 Language: English ISBN-10: 1535555270 ISBN-13: 978-1535555272 Product Dimensions: 5 […]

Stormy Weather