Our submission email address will appear as soon as we open for new manuscripts.

Interested in submitting to us? Great! We would love to see your work. Please examine the information below to be sure we are the right company for you. It may seem lengthy, but is deliberately thorough. Your book is your literary “baby,” and if we can’t provide what it needs, you should feel free look elsewhere. We have tried to cover the most common questions. The submission requirements appear below the guidelines.


We do not publish: Erotica, Erotic Fiction, Bizzaro Fiction, Free Verse Poetry, Screenplays, or Literary Fiction. Genre-specific guidelines appear below the general guidelines.

Please QUERY FIRST for: poetry, inspirational, non-fiction, or previously published work.


General Guidelines

  1. You should expect to do some marketing. We don’t expect book tours or major investments, but you should have an active social media base, or a website. For marketing information, click here.
  2. If you think you’ll make millions, or become a household name overnight, we aren’t the right company for you. If you believe simply viewing your manuscript is a great privilege reserved for only a few, we aren’t worthy. If you think we’re going to steal your material (as a company run by writers, we know what many novice writers think), we probably aren’t the right company for you.
  3. If you would rather cross burning sands, barefoot, whilst carrying a camel, than to hear constructive criticism, we aren’t the right company for you.
  4. We do not offer advances. This is also to get more royalties to our authors, with less hassle and headache for everyone involved. For information on advances, see this article.
  5. No Pornographic Material. There is a fine line between tasteful love scenes and gratuitous material that drags your plot to a standstill.
  6. No Gratuity. Whether it’s sex, violence, language, or gore, don’t ruin your plot.
  7. We do not offer illustration services. At this time, we don’t work with authors who require illustrations. We hope to offer such services at a later time.
  8. Know the copyright rules before you use any potentially copyrighted material. It doesn’t matter if it’s photographs, song lyrics, or any other such media material. Be certain you have the right to use the material. For example, if you want to use historic photographs in your books, you will need a signed release from the owner(s) of the photographs.
  9. Don’t take rejection to heart. There are countless publishers available today, and you may find a company that’s an even better fit. Publishers routinely reject material for a variety of reasons, even if they have already accepted a number of manuscripts in the same genre. It isn’t always the author’s fault, and shouldn’t be viewed as such. It could just as easily be bad timing. As time permits, we’ll send personalized rejection letters.


Still with us? Excellent! Now, here are genre-specific guidelines.


Genre Fiction

We will consider all mainstream fiction genres, so long as they do not fall within the genres listed above the general guidelines. Both novels and novellas will be published in print and ebook format.


Novel: 40,000-100,00 words

Novella: 20,000 words and up


A Note on Horror

We do accepted horror, but be advised that we prefer supernatural and psychological horror. Horror is a noble genre, made great by the likes of John William Polidori, Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, and Shirley Jackson. This greatness has taken a backseat to material that is far less literary, and much more adolescent. We hope to break the stigma that has fallen over the genre, and return it to the lofty status it once held.

We don’t normally accept “slasher” material, but if you believe your work focuses more on psychological horror or suspense, than gore or gratuity, submit a query.


Submission Requirements:

Please send your query to the email address below. Include a 1-page synopsis and the first chapter of your manuscript as attachments. If you haven’t received a response in 4 weeks, please follow-up. If you have to submit a physical query, please contact us via the submission questions page.


Our submission email address will appear as soon as we open for manuscripts.


Questions about self-publishing? We have an informative series here.