Yes, we have resources for self-publishing. Why would a publisher do this? There are several reasons.


Black House is managed and maintained by authors.

Our primary aim is to help authors. All authors. Working with any publisher, including Black House, may not be in your best interest. Authors are notoriously individual. Our professional life doesn’t always include editors and designers. Some of us just do better, and are more satisfied, on our own. This should not be seen as wrong, amateur, or unprofessional. Many of us do not seek contributors or advisors for our books when we write them, and feel just as reluctant to involve others upon its publication. If an author is comfortable self-publishing, they should indeed do so.


More resources are needed.

Rural authors are still falling victim to shady dealings in publishing. So long as there are predatory practices, every writing professional should make it a point to do what they can to thwart them.


Authors are going to self-publish.

Regardless of how wise it may or may not be, it’s going to happen. Experience is often the best teacher.


Self-publishing is not a threat to publishing companies.

There is always going to be a need for book publishing companies. Automobiles revolutionized the travel industry. People around the globe have been using them for over a century. Professional drivers, chauffeurs, pilots, engineers, and captains remain in demand, even though so many drive themselves daily. The invention of the electric home oven did not negate bakeries. Much of the “competition” discussed in publishing doesn’t exist. Authors who find success self-publishing would’ve likely been dissatisfied with traditional publishing, to begin with.


Here are our resources for self-publishers: