The staff at Black House Books undertakes a number of duties. One of the most important is the restoration of “lost work,” or the rescue of historic images and documents that are nearly gone. We then sell these restored works in our shop, often as both digital art and as actual print posters. All images involved in this process are at least 100 years of age.

Restoration is a labor-intensive process that involves much more than moving a few sliders on a program. It entails removing scratches, tears, and holes, ensuring the coloring is authentic and consistent, that there is as little color bleeding as possible (or none at all), and removing noticeable fibers and lint. This also means close, thorough inspection of all letters, borders, and decorative elements.

It is a tedious and difficult process, but the finished work of art is worth the work. We will feature examples of restored work on this page as soon as possible.


Note: Yes, we accept custom restoration projects. If you have an old image, document, or graphic you need restored, just contact us.



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