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“Inside” is a gorgeous cover for any darker genre, from psychological, to thriller, to horror. This is a beautiful piece, so get your cover before it’s taken. There is only one in stock.

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“Inside” is a gorgeous cover for any darker genre, from psychological, to thriller, to horror. This is a beautiful piece, so get your cover before it’s taken. There is only one in stock.

Your book cover is one of the most important sales tools your book will ever have. Unfortunately, it’s arguably the most difficult for an author to master. A bad book cover costs you much more than just sales, it can genuinely hurt your reputation as an author, even if people haven’t read your book. Indie authors today face much more than a persnickety readership. You must also face the trials associated with graphic artists and designers, several of whom make it a mission to target and mock authors with book covers they feel are poorly done. A bad book review can cost you sales on the website that hosts it. A bad book cover can get you noticed on many, many sites, which will indeed get your book noticed, but not for any literary merit.

“Bad book covers” have a cult following. There are entire sites dedicated to displaying and ridiculing them. Authors have been mocked, even in such normally reputable publications as the Huffington Post and the Guardian, for bad book covers. The authors, themselves, are just collateral damage.

As a result, independent authors today are forced into obsessing over their book’s cover, rather than obsessing over their book.

I designed the cover for my very first book, published in 2001. Since then, I have created more covers than I can remember. I began independently publishing in 2006, formally so in 2011. There were few resources for authors when I began, so I had to learn everything myself.

I want to offer authors an affordable alternative. Many professional cover designers charge $800, or more, for a single-panel of a book cover. Considering 70% of authors need a “day job” to survive, that is far more than most authors have to invest. I offer much less expensive premade cover “kits,” as well as custom book covers.

General Terms:

1. Your finished book cover is yours. You may use it as you wish, as much as you wish. You are free to make them into posters or tee shirts and sell them (not a bad idea for your marketing efforts).
2. Because templates are complex, often involving several image files, as well as several font files, I don’t give away my Photoshop (.psd) files.
3. All custom covers are one-shots. I use them one time, for one author.
4. I will do my best to make your cover an exact match to the generic image provided on the Etsy page, but please note that longer names or titles will alter the design. I will do my best to make an exact match.
5. My book cover design rates are more for my time than supplies or materials. As a result, I can’t offer refunds; however, I offer three free revisions, if needed.
6. Crediting me as a designer is solely at your discretion. Some authors like adding the line “Cover designed by…” to their copyright page. Most traditionally published books have that detail. It is entirely up to you. Should you wish to use the credit, just add, “Cover designed by Laura Wright (Laurawrites.net).”
7. Your cover should be ready in 1-2 business days.


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