Welcome to the Black House FAQ. Here are our most common questions:

“Where are you located?”

We are out of southwestern Virginia.


“How long have you been in operation?”

Since 2012, as an official website. We have been publishing, however, since 2005.


“Who is your ghostwriter/article writer?”

That would be Laura Wright, found at this website [Laurawrites.net].


“I found a book on here by Laura Wright. Is that the same person?”

Yes. Wright volunteered to be the “in-house” writer for Black House. She is a prolific writer and author, who isn’t afraid of a risk for a good cause. This allows us to develop our publication skills for other writers later on. Wright is essentially our literary “Guinea Pig.” Opening a book publisher in any location is a risky venture, and most do not survive the first two or three years, if they survive the first. It’s even more of a hazard when the publisher is in a rural area, as we are.

When a number of authors depend upon a publisher, it’s an absolute nightmare if a company “goes under.” Contract legalities can tie up an author’s book for the entire process. Many writers must essentially lose a title (and profits) for months or years while a bankruptcy is in process, if they don’t lose their rights to the title completely. You can find discussions on this issue here, here, and here. It’s just too great a risk. We want to be certain we have a steady, stable income before involving other authors. It is time-consuming and tedious, but if it achieves a sustainable company, the investment will be worth it.


“Are books your main focus?”

Books are our primary focus, but we also dabble in downloadable and unique products and services not available elsewhere. We will always publish new titles, but as is often mentioned on our site, we are a small Appalachian publisher. We have a tiny staff, and an even tinier office (and our budget is the tiniest). Selling a variety of items allows us to explore new mediums and ventures, as well as generate funds to keep our publishing viable.


“Are you accepting submissions?”

Not at this time. We seem to always have at least three books undergoing the editing and proofing processes.


“Do you offer refunds?”

Yes, on every product, except digital, downloaded items. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will do our best to fix the issue. The no refund policy for digital products is a standard practice across the internet. It’s to prevent abuse, and allows us to sell digital items far more cheaply than physical items. Simply put, there’s just no way to “return” a downloaded item. Most devices will retain all digital files simply because you downloaded them, even if you email a copy of the files back to us.


“Who do I contact if I need assistance?”

Please feel free to use the “Contact Us” page with all questions and comments. We are here from 9:00 am to midnight, Eastern Time. This includes weekends and holidays. Someone will quickly respond.


“Where do you get your products for ephemera?”

We only obtain products that we know, for certain, are in the public domain. Even then, after we restore the image, it seldom looks as it did when we obtained it. See “Image Restoration,” for actual examples.


“Do you restore photographs or documents for the public?”

Yes, we often do. We are always interested in preserving as much history as possible. If you have a possible project, contact us and we’ll discuss it.


Do you have a question you want to see answered here? Please contact us.