Renewal through destruction. Hell on earth. Blue Ridge Nuclear Energy is the largest and safest nuclear energy facility on earth, until the impossible occurs. A mushroom cloud arises from a reactor. Freak electrical events plague nearly every home. There are no answers, no evidence, and as soon as it seems the worst is over, new horrors begin. First responders abandon their posts. Teachers desert their classrooms. The citizens of Thompson are stricken with a strange affliction. Enraged hordes of the ailing gather in the streets, and those who should be dead are not. Four strangers from vastly differing lives must […]

The Demon Machine

Their family finally made it through years of substance abuse. They discover the wonders of structure and stability as they heal. They even buy their first home in the country. Life couldn’t be better. Madeline Ramsey soon discovers the heap of twisted metal, hidden behind the yard. She fears the rusted cauldron might contain pesticides, or potentially fatal chemicals. Her efforts to dispose of the old moonshine still sets off a bizarre chain reaction that will destroy the home she loves, and just might destroy the world.       Book Details: Publication Date: February 2, 2017 Language: English ASIN: […]


Hangar 408 of the Nelson Airfield is legendary in the paranormal world. It has been studied, evaluated, and investigated by the most respected paranormal experts. Phillip Moore knows it’s a farce. He’s eager to expose the falsehoods, and put an end to the fear-mongering. Moore is hailed as the “greatest skeptic since Houdini,” with a mission to debunk the paranormal world. Now, at the height of his success, he turns his professional eye to the legendary Hangar 408. The demolition team is ready to destroy the hangar by the end of the week. He gathers his team, and sets out […]


Clarissa remembers what happened, but the doctor says her mind can’t be trusted. She doesn’t believe the wreck happened. The physician says they aren’t really memories, just hallucinations. She knows there is more to that night than what they’re telling her. She wakes in the remote hospital after two months in a physician-induced fugue. The eccentric staff won’t talk to her about the accident. Everyone repeats the same generic story about the night her fiancée died. She must adapt to the bizarre practices within the Bittersend Medical Clinic, and the repercussions of her prolonged absence from life, to piece together […]

The Moon Sees Me

Officer Ian Nelson can’t figure Kirsten out. She’s young and attractive, but doesn’t belong where she is. He isn’t certain where she belongs. Several days later, he’s tasked with enforcing the order against her, but never has the opportunity. She’s gone. She vanished without shoes or purse. No one saw her leave the apartment, which was secured from the inside. The painting she worked on was still fresh, but she was gone. Six months pass and Nelson is the only person to take any interest in her disappearance. There still isn’t any leads or witnesses. As he gets closer to […]

The Painter’s Requiem