Paper is one of the oldest industries still going, and for good reason. There’s nothing like the feel of old book paper, or the appearance of documents that have survived the test of time. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most inefficient, outdated, and wasteful industries. Paper waste makes a few hundred million tons of waste in landfills every year. The traditional book publishing industry is likewise a dinosaur that demands millions of dollars in resources annually, just to function. Warehouses, distribution networks, retail space, and countless other seemingly minor necessities, combine to create a perfect storm of imperfect and […]

Why Digital?

Renewal through destruction. Hell on earth. Blue Ridge Nuclear Energy is the largest and safest nuclear energy facility on earth, until the impossible occurs. A mushroom cloud arises from a reactor. Freak electrical events plague nearly every home. There are no answers, no evidence, and as soon as it seems the worst is over, new horrors begin. First responders abandon their posts. Teachers desert their classrooms. The citizens of Thompson are stricken with a strange affliction. Enraged hordes of the ailing gather in the streets, and those who should be dead are not. Four strangers from vastly differing lives must […]

The Demon Machine

  So, you’ve written a book. Good for you! A book is most often one of the easiest things to start, and most difficult to finish. A good deal of people like to talk about writing, but only a fraction actually do it. This is a brief guide that will hopefully assist you on your way to writing self-sufficiency.       Before we begin, there are a number of things to establish. Professional writing is not for the faint-of-heart. Easy editing usually makes for difficult reading. If you can’t handle rejection, don’t write. Never have great expectations.   Realities […]

Writing Realities

  You should never, at any point, at any time, fall victim to con artists. Unfortunately, professional writing is rife with them. Here is a growing list of many common warnings for writers.         Professional agents, publishers, and editors do not solicit. You will not be the next James Patterson, Stephen King, or Diana Palmer. Those authors worked in professional writing for years before ever reaching their status. Beware of anything that seems, “too good to be true.” It is. Professional publishers and agents pay you. You do not pay them. If they’re any good, they already […]

The “No” List

  The process of publication often seems mysterious. How does it work? Generally speaking, here is the order of how the modern publishing process moves.     The author creates an introductory inquiry letter, called a “query.” This is usually after they finish the manuscript. In some non-fiction, you go through this process with only a book proposal before the manuscript is written. An Agent or Publisher accepts your work. An agent will look for a publisher. Your manuscript finds a home with a publisher. Publishing process initiates (6 months to 2 years). Your galley proofs arrive for your inspection. […]

The Publishing Process

Their family finally made it through years of substance abuse. They discover the wonders of structure and stability as they heal. They even buy their first home in the country. Life couldn’t be better. Madeline Ramsey soon discovers the heap of twisted metal, hidden behind the yard. She fears the rusted cauldron might contain pesticides, or potentially fatal chemicals. Her efforts to dispose of the old moonshine still sets off a bizarre chain reaction that will destroy the home she loves, and just might destroy the world.       Book Details: Publication Date: February 2, 2017 Language: English ASIN: […]


Hangar 408 of the Nelson Airfield is legendary in the paranormal world. It has been studied, evaluated, and investigated by the most respected paranormal experts. Phillip Moore knows it’s a farce. He’s eager to expose the falsehoods, and put an end to the fear-mongering. Moore is hailed as the “greatest skeptic since Houdini,” with a mission to debunk the paranormal world. Now, at the height of his success, he turns his professional eye to the legendary Hangar 408. The demolition team is ready to destroy the hangar by the end of the week. He gathers his team, and sets out […]


Authors need to promote their books. Whether your publisher is Random House, or just Black House, you’re going to have to market and advertise. Big publishers reserve their marketing prowess for authors who commonly make 6- or 7-figure profits. You should promote, to a point. It’s imperative to recognize that you are a writer, not a PR firm. Promotion and marketing becomes a problem when your role as a writer is overshadowed by it. This can be a very hazy and dubious area, as there are many con artists waiting to prey on unsuspecting writers. Questionable “marketing packages,” abound on […]


We do not offer advances. Advances are not “free.” They are not “pay.” They aren’t “gifts.” Payday loan companies do the same thing, just with higher interest rates. When an author receives an advance, he or she will not see a single royalty payment until the publisher has recouped the advance. Your advance is based upon your work and your status. If you aren’t a celebrity or public figure, you will not receive the million dollar advances that such individuals receive. Most regular authors only get somewhere around $10,000 as an advance. It’s very rare that a new or unknown […]


Well, should you? This is one of the most common questions writers are faced with today, and for good reason. There has never been an easier time to find readers, to sell your books, or to just spread the word about your book. Many writers are doing it on their own and developing steady secondary incomes with their work. With that in mind, here are several considerations. Can it be done? Certainly. Can you do it for free? Absolutely. Should you? That is really the question to ponder. Please note that you should do what your instincts tell you, no […]

Should I Self-Publish?