Black House Book Printing

Black House currently accepts general printing projects. These are utilitarian, pay-to-publish situations, and are not part of our regular publishing schedule. Many rural areas have limited access to viable book printers. While many commonly have small desktop publishing enterprises and copy chains, which are adequate for flyers or business cards, it can be difficult to find a reasonable solution for more lengthy or elaborate publications.

A single copy of a 300-page book, at many of the aforementioned establishments, can cost upwards of $40 or more, particularly if you also have binding and cover needs. This is also no guarantee of a professional cover or binding method.

Black House Book Printing is a cost-effective method of getting books in print, efficiently and expediently. It’s a beneficial alternative when your book doesn’t fall into most commercial genres. These books may be local interest fundraising books, poetry chapbooks, family histories, or other any genre with a limited market.

Our process is simple. Contact us with information on your project, and we’ll reply in 24-48 business hours. If our quote is acceptable, you’ll submit your book to us via email. We’ll immediately get to work on creating a polished, professional product. We’re currently limited to working with American authors. Full terms and conditions are available through the link below.

Here are answers to the most common questions. You will be charged a set-up fee to get your manuscript ready, however you are not required to purchase copies. Every author receives a free “proof,” copy prior to final publication. Your book will have its own webpage with the manufacturer, where you can purchase copies, at your discounted price, as often as you like. We will give your book a professional cover as well as an ISBN. Since this is a printing service, your book won’t be registered with any distribution networks.

Most set-up fees range in price from $1,299- $999 $599 – $799. It is rare that any book exceeds those amounts. That may seem expensive, but not if you break the numbers down. You will have professionals catering to, and caring for, your work for a month. Many professional book designers start around $899, just to create an ebook cover. A professional editor will charge from $4 – $7 per page. We do everything in-house to keep your costs as low as possible.

We do offer payment options, so please contact us for further information.

*Cookbook or spiral-bound books are excluded. Those require a completely different printing process and pricing system.

Request a quote: Quotes (a) blackhousebooks . com

By contacting us, you acknowledge you have read and understand our Book Printing Terms and Conditions.