It’s no secret that the world of self-publishing is growing. Likewise, it’s no secret that indie authors frequently need help with areas outside writing. This is especially true with the creation of a book cover.

A good book cover is an imperative today. It is indeed a sales and marketing tool. It is the often the first element your reader encounters before selecting your title. A lesser quality cover can have many negative implications towards the content, and that is something no author should suffer. Many professional book cover designers charge $800 – $3,000+ for a cover. Most indie authors don’t make that amount in a year, if not several.

We are proud to offer a compromise. We have wide range of premade cover designs for a variety of budgets. See a design you like? Contact us and we’ll get started right away!

This is the gallery of current designs, along with the price, and possible genres or keywords. Further information is available below.




  • If in doubt, always ask. This is a causal environment, so it doesn’t matter if you send 10 emails before you make a purchase.
  • The finished products are 1563 px by 2000 px.
  • The book titles that appear on the sample covers are the names of the design. They are used only as placeholder text, as are the subtitles and taglines.
  • All transactions are conducted via PayPal to protect all involved.
  • Most covers are completed within 1-2 business days of purchase.
  • The client will receive a .JPEG of their title, as most publishing platforms require this format. Native graphic cover files(such as .PSDs)  are not included. Please note if you need a different format.
  • The price covers a full-sized, high-quality book graphic. If you need a print book cover, with spine and back, please ask before ordering because this will add onto the original price.
  • We allow up to 5 changes per cover. This allows you more control over any font or color needs.