Black House Books is a unique company currently located in one of the most rural parts of the Appalachian Mountains, in southwestern Virginia. We began publishing books in 2012. The primary goal is to open a viable, successful book publishing company for rural authors. Books and reading are an integral part of success in the modern world. Unfortunately, literacy rates are falling nationwide, and rural areas have even greater struggles. In the Appalachians, literacy is not often as encouraged or highlighted as other arts, such as music, or other interests, such as sports. We hope to change the focus for literacy and bring it into the spotlight.

The Appalachian Mountains are filled with characters, stories, and storytellers. This translates to authors and writers who create unique and wonderful reading material, but are often overshadowed by an apathetic media and area business owners who believe it’s more important to promote authors who are from anywhere, except any place considered “local.”