Authors need to promote their books. Whether your publisher is Random House, or just Black House, you’re going to have to market and advertise. Big publishers reserve their marketing prowess for authors who commonly make 6- or 7-figure profits.

You should promote, to a point. It’s imperative to recognize that you are a writer, not a PR firm. Promotion and marketing becomes a problem when your role as a writer is overshadowed by it. This can be a very hazy and dubious area, as there are many con artists waiting to prey on unsuspecting writers. Questionable “marketing packages,” abound on the internet, and most are unclear as to what you actually get. There’s also the question if any of it helps, at all.

Some authors swear by marketing several hours a day. Others say it’s better to go on book tours, or virtual blog tours every now and then. We leave the mechanics up to you. What works for Author A, will not work for Author B, and vice versa. It is up to you to find which system gives you the best returns for your investment.

While you do need to get the word out, you don’t need a million dollars in air time, or to waste the next year promoting said book. Your greatest marketing tool, ever, will be your audience. Readers provide more efficient and successful marketing value than any promotional effort, and the best way to get readers is to create a good book. Far too many authors spend years trying to promote their last book, instead of starting on the next. With today’s technology, your book is going to get attention. If it does nothing more than appear on Amazon in ebook format, someone will look at your book.

With that said, these articles should help you market yourself as an author, and your book (links will become live as content is added).


  • Do I Market My Book, or Myself?
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  • Social Media
  • Printed Materials
  • Book Signings
  • Blog Tours
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