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AboutThis is the page all about Black House Books. We began as a simple publishing venture in 2009. At the time, it was the Appalachian Gothic Anthology Project. The venture was a success and by 2010, our sister site Laurawrites.net, also became involved. By 2011, the surge in ebook popularity seemed to skyrocket instantly. The old works from the Anthology Project gained new life and a new audience.

Soon, it was clear that the publishing venture needed a place of its own. Black House Books formally launched its web site in the spring of 2012. We continue to produce new material, in new genres, and the future is promising.

Our main goal in publication is to highlight unique new fiction and non-fiction. We specialize in supernatural fiction; however, our interests are not limited exclusively to that genre.

Thank you so much for your time and we hope you visit again.

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