Black House Book Printing

Black House currently accepts general printing projects. These are utilitarian, pay-to-publish situations, and are not part of our regular publishing. Most residents of Appalachian areas have limited access to viable book printers. While we do have desktop publishing enterprises and copy chains, which are adequate for flyers or business cards, it can be difficult to find reasonable prices on more lengthy publications.

A single copy of a 300-page book, at many of the aforementioned establishments, can cost upwards of $40 or more, particularly if you also have binding and cover needs. Black House Book Printing is a cost-effective method to get your books printed efficiently and expediently.


Please Note:

  • All books produced through this service will have “Black House Book Printing” as the publisher name.
  • It is up to the author to ensure any and all copyright concerns (such as legal releases to use family photographs for genealogy books) have been addressed.
  • The only electronic book format currently produced by Black House Printing is .pdf.
  • Estimates for spiral- or coil-bound cookbooks will require a unique quoting process.


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Our printing service offers a number of advantages:

  • All financial transactions are conducted via the secure servers at Paypal, at this time.
  • Customers pay half of the fee at the project’s start, and the other half when the book is ready for print.
  • No contracts.
  • Authors retain all rights to their work.
  • No minimum order for most books (cookbooks require a different printing process).
  • We print a variety of sizes.
  • All books have perfect binding, meaning they are soft cover (cookbooks can be spiral- or coil-bound).
  • All print projects require a set-up fee. Your set-up fee depends entirely on your project, and the amount of labor needed to prepare it for print.
  • We do offer a range of services, such as full formatting and editing. These are purely optional.
  • Most books will have their own respective webpage with the manufacturer. This is an added bonus that allows you to order as many future copies as necessary(at the same discounted price), should you need more.


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Minimize Your Cost

There are several steps you can take to ensure your finished product is reasonable. Consider these factors:

  • Standard book sizes (such as 6” x  9” or 7” x 10”) are less expensive than more custom sizes.
  • Black-and-white book interiors are much more affordable than color.
  •  “Print ready,” books, that have already been edited and formatted, will have a lower set-up fee.


Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote.